Indium sulfate: industrial chemical, not dietary supplement

Indium sulfate is being marketed as the newest miracle dietary supplement. On the Web Elements Indium page, under biological information, the statement is made that "Indium has no biological role. In small doses it is said to stimulate the metabolism." but under hazards and risks, the statement "All indium compounds should be regarded as highly toxic. Indium compounds damage the heart, kidney and liver, and may be teratogenic." The second statement is consistent with the research I have done in the past few days. The first statement is consistent only with the highly suspect claims of the marketers. I strongly recommend that the statement that "it is said to stimulate the metabolism" be deleted from this page, as the only stimulation I have been able to find is that it makes membranes rigid by peroxidating them, and stimulates the cellular uptake of chromium, zinc, manganese and copper. Thank you.

Judith Ditkowsky, Chemistry teacher (retired)

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I'll get you some arsine and

I'll get you some arsine and phosphine. You try them first ;p

Why don't you confine your

Why don't you confine your comments to things you know about, which rather obviously doesn't include chemistry or indium? Indium is [B]NOT[/B] a sulfate; it is a metallic element which can occur as compounds, one of which is indium sulfate, a white hygroscopic powder (and dollars to donuts you have no idea what that means). High blood pressure is associated with strokes, which presumably is something even you recognize as a bad thing. To date, indium appears to have rather low toxicity, which is why it has been chosen by scam artists; if it causes any serious problems, they will have collected from the gullible and split before the shit hits the fan.

For the same reason that your

For the same reason that your bank was permitted to invest in toxic assests or that the Montcoal mine was still allowed to operate despite numerous safety violations; your government doesn't do a very good job of looking out for your interests when there are special interests to invest in campaign funds.

To take free sheets use the

To take free sheets use the totally nice msds online search. Programmed by us to find msds online as well as sds sheets to download. Please search best Online MSDS Database and Trained Online MSDS Search Engine. for more details click here msds online

Good grief, who's been marketing indium compounds as a dietary supplement?!

Do you have any weblinks about it?

Well you emailed me this privately, but surely everyone should get to read it...? All sounds very interesting to me!

If you look up indium sulfate on google , out of the top four you will find two internet sellers pushing indium sulfate as a cure for all that could possibly ail you: East Park Research, Inc and Indium For Life.

Below is an information sheet : in some cases, I have summarized data or copied it outright from the web-links included. It is amazing that the indium-for-life people apparently think that it is a good thing to concentrate chromium, magnesium, zinc and copper within cells, since they actually provide one of the papers which is not summarized in entrez PubMed: ; if you look up the topic indium sulfate, you will find an article which indicates, from its title, that indium sulfate is a cause of nephrosis: the article is about a possible treatment but has no abstract. In Nov. 2004, the MSDS was revised to show indium sulfate to be a 2 on its 0-4 health hazard ranking. It had formerly been a "1".

Indium sulfate is not on the Generally Recognized as Safe lists, contrary to the advertisements. It is not approved as a supplement to animal feeds. In its solid form a tiny quantity, >0.1mg in 1 cubic meter is considered to be dangerous. It is not, as advertised, an essential trace mineral and in fact is not normally found in the body. It IS an industrial chemical used in making electronics equipment.

It is FALSELY advertised as an enhancer of food and mineral absorption, an anti-aging supplement, a blood pressure lowering supplement, from which most people experience immediate beneficial results. ( It is also advertised as supporting several hormonal systems, and safe ("has not demonstrated any toxic effect to persons or animals using several thousand times the recommended dosage, providing enhancement to the master hormone producers, the pituitary and hypothalamus glands," etc. etc. As shown below, all of these and several other claims are LIES!

According to the November 2004 revised Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available at , its primary routes of entry into the body are the eye, the nose (inhalation) , the skin, and the mouth (ingestion). It may cause severe irritation and possible burns to the eye; it is harmful if swallowed and may cause burns to the gastrointestinal tract. Kidney and liver damage from injected indium compounds has been reported based on limited animal testing. It may cause respiratory irritation;severe exposure to the solid form could cause pulmonary damage; inhalation may cause lung edema; it may cause skin irritation and burn , chronic kidney and liver damage from injecting indium compounds has been reported based on limited animal testing. Hygiene practices should be in place when handling this product. Avoid breathing dust. Pregnant women should take measures to avoid exposure. The Indium Corporation does not recommend, manufacture, market or endorse any of its products for human consumption. This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects (or other reproductive harm). (Trace impurities: listed metals --lead/cadmium/nickel) Swiss Poison Class: 4; classified by Singapore & China; Health Risk 2 on a scale of 0-4). (The above is partly summarized, and partly directly copied from the MSDS referenced above, not necessarily in the above order.) is an excellent resource at high school level, although it does not refer to indium sulfate specifically."Indium is never found as the free element. Indium usually is associated with zinc minerals, and these form the commercial sources of most indium. It is also found in iron, lead, and copper ores." It does discuss the biological uses: NONE.

Other good information can be gotten from Entrez PubMed, using keywords "schroder and indium sulfate and mouse" and at from which the preceding reference was gotten: careful reading shows that indium sulfate ENHANCES the uptake of manganese, zinc, copper and chromium. These metals are needed in small numbers of atom amounts at most! Too much zinc interferes with iron metabolism, too much chromium -- and too much is very little indeed -- is carcinogenic, same with manganese. By the way, indium also has two naturally occuring radioactive isotopes.

NO HUMAN BEING SHOULD BE TAKING INDIUM SULFATE FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER! There are apparently some diagnostic uses for a different indium compound but none for this one.

Indium sulfate is not on the Generally Recognized as Safe lists, contrary to the advertisements. It is not approved as a supplement to animal feeds. In its solid form a tiny quantity, >0.1mg in 1 cubic meter is considered to be dangerous. It is not, as advertised, an essential trace mineral and in fact is not normally found in the body. It IS an industrial chemical used in making electronics equipment.

Yes-indium COMPOUNDS-that's

Yes-indium COMPOUNDS-that's the key word there! Indium as a pure element-NOT METAL OR COMPOUND-is non-toxic and shows incredible health benefits. I just ordered some and it's the real deal; it works! In fact, most essential minerals are toxic if in the wrong compound (ex: carbon monoxide; carbon is the main element found in carbohydrates, as are hydrogen and oxygen, which can also be toxic in different compunds), but 100% safe and healthy if in pure elemental form or in food...

Here is what I mean:



Here is what I read to you.
Indium is the most powerful of all trace minerals. Element #49 on the Periodic Table, it is midpoint between alkaline and acid metals, making it the most unique of all minerals. Research indicates that Indium helps to alleviate skin outbreaks, hormonal insufficiencies, endrocrine (glandular) system imbalances, empowers the platinum group elements (platinum, gold, silver, etc.) to protect and enhance the DNA. Indium works like creatine and stimulates lean muscle mass. It has been shown in studies with mice that indium greatly increases one's life-span, and overall mineralization. The mice that were given indium were 3-5 times more mineralized, and lived three times longer than the control group both groups were fed the same diet. Indium is not found in food in the United States.

Signs of an indium deficiency: Acne and hormonal imbalances.

If Indium is not found in food, why is it necessary for our physiology?
It isn't necessary. Most trace minerals are not necessary in the sense that we would die without them. Indium, like other trace minerals, helps. The more available minerals that are present the stronger is the physiology, strength, endurance, enzyme production, digestion, brain power, and spiritual

Why is indium not present in food?
That is unknown, since it works so well in living cells. I believe it has to do with the cosmic origins of DNA.

Is a trace mineral Found in small amounts in our bodies May help cancer Results in lowering female body weight Acts as an anti-depressant

Indium exists in small amounts, and is not water-soluble in nature. It is for this reason that it is designated a trace mineral. Testing done in 1975 was unable to determine indium levels in the body due to its low concentration. Indium is vital for our continued good health, and a solution to some of mankind's most dreaded health problems. One of many health problems that research has shown that indium may help is cancer. It has shown to be effective against Walker 256 carcinosarcomas. A 1983 study found that indium sought out and saturated tumor tissue. This is good news given the general tumor reducing characteristics of indium. A 1971 study found that indium supplementation caused a lower incidence of tumors. Indium users have known of it's anti-depressant activity for over two decades now, with indium producing a feeling of well-being and euphoria after only a few days of use. Two major effects that indium has are in its ability to help the body assimilate other important nutrients and in increasing the life span or red blood cells from 90 to 120 days.

You have no idea what you're

You have no idea what you're talking about. Indium is a metallic element. There is no such thing as indium as a pure element that is not a metal. Indium Sulfate *IS* an indium compound.

You can't be deficient in an element for which there is no biological role. I could also say I'm deficient in plutonium if that was the case, but that's a good thing.

Anything you put into your body while cancer is present will generally end up in high concentrations in the tumor due to the rapid division and compound uptake rates of the cells there. This is why chemotherapy works.

Why would the increase in blood cell life span (which I'm 99% sure is bunk) be a good thing? Cell turnover is a good thing. It keeps everything working properly. Your body is still going to produce blood cells at the same rate and that could lead to some serious problems very quickly.

I demand peer-reviewed references for all these studies you are quoting.

Thank you for the tread

Thank you for the tread starter for opening this very informative topic.I really enjoy reading this.


just sounds like some bizarre and typical american scam to me (the nation of SPAM!)
...someone has conttoned on that they can buy some indium compounds pretty cheaply from an industrial suppliers,
and can earn a tidy profit by flogging them to easily-duped new-age-type alternative health folk.

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