sodium + water what kind of chemical reaction does ir belonge?
b.describe the change in the character of these reaction can be used to compare the reactivity of sodium with does of lithium an potassium

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a. Cant remember the name, displacment reaction I believe
b. Dont really get the question but I think what its looking for is Lithium is less reactive and Potassium is more reactive, both using Sodium + Water as the bench mark

a) All reactions can be classified as either acid/base or redox (reduction/oxidation). This is a redox reaction.
b) Like aj3001 said, but in a bit more detail. Li is above, and in the same group as both Na and K in the periodic table, so Li is smaller than both Na and K . This means it holds onto its electrons more strongly and is less reactive (harder to oxidize) than both Na and K. The opposite can be said for K.

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