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for each of the following properties, state how you would expect it to change in the direction indicated and give a reason for the change.
a.the electronegative down the group
b.the atomic radius giong across the group
c.the radius of an anion compared to its parent atom
d. the first ionisation energy going down the group
c. the radius of a series of isoelectronic species with increasing atomic number

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Which group are we talking about?

The group doesn't matter, this question is about general trends of the preiodic table. Here are the answers.

a) The electronegativity DECREASES as you go down a group (think F as the most electronegative, and Fr as the least)
b)The atomic radius DECREASES as you go left to right (F is the smallest)
c) An anion has more electrons so it is LARGER than the parent atom (more repultion from existing electrons, or electrons in higher orbitals)
d) The first ionization energy DECREASES down a group. The electrons are farther from the nucleus since the atoms are larger, and therfore are easier to remove from the atom (ionization)
e) This one is a bit tricky because it depends if you are going left to right, or top to bottom (both directions are increasing the atomic number). In general, the radius will DECREASE left to right, and INCREASE top to bottom.

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