Can anyone provide me with an answer...?

What is the shape of an electron?
This is probably as hard as answering what the meaning of life is, but does anyone know the answer to this?


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It is both a little particle and a wave at the same time! Thats the strange thing, it is both simultaneousy! Thus the confusion. It comes out of quantum mechanics.

string thery sais that it is a tiny 2 dimentional string here are some links

this second one is the better one but its kinda tecnicle and i had to re-read it to compleatly understand it

as far as anyone knows no one knows.

Like UCB Mitch said an electron has a dual property like photons so there realy isnt a way to be sure.

electrons have mass; they may not have shape. They have been traditionally conceived as point charges that is without dimension. What can be given shapes are electron orbitals, areas of space where a particular electron is most likely to be found.

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