Favourite Science

Whats your favourite science? Where do your scientific intrests lay? I personally am intrested in Pyrotechnics and Forensic Science, how about you guys?


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I like gadgets.
So in general that means I should like Physical Chemistry, as I get to play with/make gadgets. The problem there is I dislike the theory behind that.

For theory/workings, I like Organic Chemistry (synthesis). A few simple rules can be applies in a million and one ways.

The best compramise: Organic Materials Chemistry. I wanted to go on the project that was trying to make ultrathin colour displays. But alas, the fun part of that practical project was done in a different university. So I opted for Ion Mobility Spectroscopy instead.

solid state (non-organic). More specifically oxides and metals. More or less, I enjoy solid state physics the most, which isn't actual chemistry, but close enough. Right now my interests lie in ionic & electronic oxides....used for cathodes for solid oxide fuel cells. However, I have the most fun toying with the electron microscopes (and other solid state characterization techniques).


organic chemistry synthesis

I like Human Biology and Chemistry cause i want to work in pharmacuticals


Same as Deryck --> Inorganic

Nuclear Chemistry

Political Science

Political Science!
just kidding

I like of inorganic chemistry.... but, today, i am working in the area of "education in science". i am teacher of chemistry..

i like all cheistry department so much

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