Frequencies for the Periodic table of elements

Is there a list of frequencies for all the Periodic table of elements in there natural state? :idea:

Please help,

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So let me ask this question.

So let me ask this question. Mind you I am not veey educated on the physics of a sound wave but I think russ may be on to something. I want ro play a little scenario and see what you guys think. So we know that all matter has a resonating frequency. Also, we all know that the earth has a magnetic north and south pole. So... what if earth is a massive speaker? Ive looked up a basic video on how a speaker itself works. Earlier in the thread I do recall reading that resonation needs a composition much like a speaker having the fabric around the magneto and the coil. So please correct me of im wrong. The core could be a giant magneto, and the inner mantle all the way to the crust is the composition. Argueable yes but if you dont think it could be the layers of earth, perhaps the comp is the atmosphere its self. So if the earth is resonating constantly, is it safe to say that sound vibration could be a fourth dimension? This must sound ridicules, but imagine this, we build this massive massive sound proofed room in the shape of a sphere. What if we had a super super sensitive microphone that where able to pick up the micro sounds that where mentioned previously in the thread. Say we do that impossble task of actually RECORDING LIVE the resonation of the element we had the microphone up to. And surrounding the element with 4 massive massive subeoofers in cardinal directions of the element. We also know that subwoofers create what? Vacuums, what is space? A giant vaccume. So I hope we are all following this. And if we where able to build a processor extreame enough to handle the frequency and have it added to an eq to single out the wave and cut off all unused or uneeded frequency, export the recorded sound out of tge software used to record the sample of the live linked plutonium. We should also know the amount of power of splitting a plutonium atom... need I say more? But the point being that if had the recorded sample of an element we can minipulate it as much as we want. Throw on a compressor now to it.. split the bands between the low and high frequency, the mid is the atmospheric conditions. So if we used charged air particles, in the room with the massive subwoofers as well as a new design for a tweeter because of the ultra high frequency and the intensity of the low end as well... what would happen? Also the amount of power needed for this experiment would be so intense! The next question I ask if the experiment was success, we had the processing power we have the microphone everything was perfect and we recorded the atomic frequency, and equalized the bands and in the same massive sound proofed room we played back the atomic sub and high frequencies back to the element. What would happen??? I have other theories I am starting my freshman year of college this year. I have so so many theories. And I hope im wrong.

I think that he is talking about the natural harmonic frequencies of objects. So we can talk about Ol' Galloping Gertie (the old Tacoma Narrows Bridge) which went down in a 40 mph gale back in the fourties because the wind passing over the bridge deck and through the girders under the deck caused a self-perpetuating harmonic wave that eventually tore the bridge to shreds. It's "frequency" was something like .2 Hz. But elements don't have a "frequency" in that sense, only objects. An atom [i]might[/i] be considered to have frequencies that correspond to absorption spectra, but that's the best I can answer the question, ignoring references to new age spirituality and the color red smelling of elephant.

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