Frequencies for the Periodic table of elements

Is there a list of frequencies for all the Periodic table of elements in there natural state? :idea:

Please help,

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I think that he is talking about the natural harmonic frequencies of objects. So we can talk about Ol' Galloping Gertie (the old Tacoma Narrows Bridge) which went down in a 40 mph gale back in the fourties because the wind passing over the bridge deck and through the girders under the deck caused a self-perpetuating harmonic wave that eventually tore the bridge to shreds. It's "frequency" was something like .2 Hz. But elements don't have a "frequency" in that sense, only objects. An atom [i]might[/i] be considered to have frequencies that correspond to absorption spectra, but that's the best I can answer the question, ignoring references to new age spirituality and the color red smelling of elephant.

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