3D Chemical Elements Screensaver


7art Studio announces 3D Chemical Elements Interactive Screensaver released April, 30 2005.

3D Chemical Elements Interactive Screensaver is intended both for students and teachers and for professional Chemists as well. It has a great educational content and interactive 3D atom modeller for all currently known chemical elements.
The application offers an extensive set of features to make our life easier, allowing to see in 3D every Chemical Element from the periodical Table of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev.

3D Chemical Elements Interactive Screensaver brings Atom Modelling to the new level of details. You can see outstanding 3D Atom Models both with electrons, protons, neutrons and even quarks while listening to the beautiful ambient music. You can configure the atom appearance and can easily interact with everething on the screen just from your mouse and keyboard.

The application works both as the Interactive Mendeleev table and as a screensaver. There are a lot of built-in presets which will present you long hours of visual pleasure. You can even add your own unique presets.

3D Chemical Elements runs under Windows and may be downloaded for free evaluation at http://www.7art-screensavers.com/3d-chemical-elements-screensaver.shtml

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You can also use your screensaver to help cure cancer whilst showing you some teriffic chemicals (as long as you don't mind your processor being eaten up when it would otherwise be idle)

Click on the link to 'volunteer your PC' and have a gander.

Great Project!

Thanks! I have downloaded and installed it.

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