Pizza sauce tastes good, except the pH can be devastating!

There is a lot more going on in pizza sauce than we all think. Have you ever had a stinging feeling on your lips after eating pizza? Well, it's probably a combination of chapped lips and an acidic solution! You just learned something today!


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Actually, the sting you are

Actually, the sting you are experiencing could be from MSG. It is in many, many processed foods. Pizza Hut sauce is loaded with it.

Competent cooks put a carrot in the tomato sauce to balance the pH; the reaction you are describing could be a minor allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) caused by the tomatoes; more people are allergic to tomatoes than to classics like strawberries.

I spike my red sauce with red wine vinegar. Gives it a great tarty taste :D

red wine? I'll have to try that.

hm? I had pizza just yesterday (6 different types actually) and i never noticed a stinging and i have terrilby chapped lips. Is that in tomato sauce in general or a specific kind?

Until recently, tomatoes were quite acidic, which is why even the most incompetent of home canners could can them safely, because the high acidity killed all the nasty botulism; most Italian cooks would add a carrot to the tomato sauce to counter the acidity, and you boiled the tomatoes for a LONG time to carmelize the starches and make the sauce sweeter; modern agriculture has reduced the acidity of commercial tomatoes and more and more cases of home botulism are developing among inxperienced tomato cannersl; thus the acidity of tomato sauce depends on the source of the tomatoes and the skill of the cook; most reactions to tomatoes are probably low level allergic reactions. More people are allergic to tomatoes than to strawberries, and early Europeans were quite afraid of tomatoes and considered them poisonous; the leaves and flowers certainly are. Like eggplants (aubergines) and potatoes, tomatoes are members of the Nightsahde family and almost all of the plants have some toxic part.

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