Critical temperature

Why doesn't
show the critical temperature of tungsten?

Another site:
does mention it.

And, what is superconduction all about?

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But thermodynamic theory proves that absolute zero is impossible to actually reach and therefore, since it doesn't actually exist, it's silly to speculate about what does or doesn't happen there

I agree 0 Kelvin doesn't exist. It is through reason, not speculation and reputation that scientists come up with a theory as a team.
Anything else that you have for me feline1?

It's through office politics, peer pressure and intellectual cartels that scientists come up with theories and stay in tenure ;-)

Re: The truth!

[quote="mthurn"]about -273.1445 deg C to 4s.f. The absolute zero means everything stops. Like 1/0 crashed computers back in the mid-late 1970's. It is an expontial hypotenuse never to actually be reached and solved with Calculus (I forgot that lecture so borrow an Applied Mathematics with Calculus book). While, "Time is relative to the observer," (Einstein's General Theory of Relativity) then the earth will keep spinning.[/quote]

It doesn't stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thermodynamics predicts it does, but very basic quantum mechanics proves otherwise.

Quantum mechanics can predict whatever it likes -
since there's no such thing as absolute zero,
such predictions are completely meaningless.

I might as well predict that, at absolute zero, pigs will fly.

Arguments can't be won with trolls, and I shall not try.

I'm not trolling,
I'm just trying to inject some rationality and logic into a fantasy discussion.

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