Critical temperature

Why doesn't
show the critical temperature of tungsten?

Another site:
does mention it.

And, what is superconduction all about?

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Molecular networks as well as metallic elements can conduct electricity, however resistance is always a significant hinderance to this conduction.

Some substances, at certain temperatures conduct electricity with very little resistance. These are called superconductors.

Different phenomenas are attributed for the superconduction, something I will not get into here.

Thanks for explaining :).
What's the coldest temperature ever made? At school they say at 0 Kelvin nothing moves - has anyone been able to reach 0 Kelvin or is that just theory?

btw, webelements is the best site about elements i've seen till now :)

I believe that the coldest temperature reached so far is 700 nanokelvins.

Apparently through restricting the atom motion.

Motion doesn't cease at absolute zero. At absolute zero you have removed all energy a molecule has to vibrate in higher states. But it still vibrates in its ground state.

Yes but it's allegedly impossible to ever reach absolute zero in a finite number of steps,
(ie, to ever reach it at all)
so nobody has any business saying what does or doesn't happen there ;-)

You can't say with certainty what happens at absolute zero, but the equations come from quantum mechanics and you can just throw what happens at 0K into those formulas.

It's the Zeno's paradox of thermodynamics.

The truth!

about -273.1445 deg C to 4s.f. The absolute zero means everything stops. Like 1/0 crashed computers back in the mid-late 1970's. It is an expontial hypotenuse never to actually be reached and solved with Calculus (I forgot that lecture so borrow an Applied Mathematics with Calculus book). While, "Time is relative to the observer," (Einstein's General Theory of Relativity) then the earth will keep spinning.

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