chemistry fact

chemistry is the basis of all human life. T.G.I.C. THANK GOD ITS CHEMISTRY!


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Your username precedes you; and your post, although followed by a " :lol: " character, brings sorrow to my heart, for it is a level of unnecessary corniness so great that Paracelsus himself would commit suicide for fueling the science which led up to that statement. :cry:

It has often been observed that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing; here we note how some people live very dangerously.

Hey, nerddude, you know I'm just being a clown. I hope you don't take things too seriously. I'd feel bad if you joined, and then received a bunch of trashy replies from idiots like me and Martin17, and it keeps you from posting anymore. I agree that Chemistry is unrivaled in its importance, and perhaps looked over much too vaguely by the general public in terms of its significance in everyday life. And, yes, I too thank God (and Allah, Vishnu, Ganish, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ted Nugent, Martin Luther King, Mussolini, Buddha, and Jesus' 4th son) that it's chemistry. In the words of an incoherent 500lbs black man mumbling to himself as he watched an evangelist tell everyone they're going to hell, "...just read it from da book, dawg, wassup".

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