Who can memorize the whole periodic table?

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Of course if you don't read anything or lose it, then you know nothing. Consider that the American Constitution is written down but generally unread and see what they have -- a convicted felon as president.

I know I can memorize the reactivity series using the main elements you need to know, but I dont have the time or paticience to learn the whole table

nobody is really willing to in fact... but some would...

When I was doing my degree I made up a piece of nonsense verse which nailed the first four lines and went something like

Li(e)beb C(a)nofnee,
Namgal Sipsclar;
K(ay)Case Tiv Cr(o)m(a)nfe, Conicuzn Ga(y)geas Sebrok(e)r;

where the stuff in brackets helped the pronunciation.

After that, with a knowledge of the groups, I could fill the bulk of the table in (I didn't bother with all the Lanthanides or Actinides). I have to say, both as a student and a teacher, being able to write out the PT is probably the most powerful learning aid in Chemistry.

For some reason, "who" = H; not all words give both element letters, just the first. So a degree of proper memory is required:

[b]First Rows:[/b]
Who Here Listens (to) B B C News On Friday Nights

[b]d-block (no Zn):[/b]
Science Teachers Verily Cannot Marry For Country Nor Currency
Young Zelots Never Move To Rude Rhythmns; Play Another CD!
Lance Happily Takes Wills, Read Or Iterated Placed Against Houses
Refining Databases Segmented Bohrs Highest Mountain

[b]La and Ac:[/b]
Chemists Practically Need Permanent Smiling Enthusiasm, Good Tables (&) Dyson Hoovers Every Time Yobs Lurk
Then Perhaps (you'll) Understand Non-Polar Punt Ambulences Coming Back Carefully Escaping From Mad Northern Lars

I forgot Rb, Sr, Cs & Ba regularly, so I remembered "Cease Rubies Straight Back" (clockwise)
S, Se, Te I remembered as a progression of letters

I always had to put Ga ang Ge straight after the 1st TM row; I can never remember them going down their groups.

Other than that, the rest were just remembered.

I think it's better to try remembering one group downwards. (He, Ne, Ar, Kr...)

Each to his own ;)

I remember most of the rest downwards, but with my mild dyslexia, just memorising 109 letter combinations needs some assistance.

Everybody needs some assistance if you've to remember all elements...

unfortunately I don't have any assistant :cry:

roll Omigosh!I dont know why they'd not give the periodic table durin' exams, but thanks guuys, I will never go to Oxford atleast!

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