Who can memorize the whole periodic table?

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but seriously, anyone doing degree-level chemistry shouldn't have to TRY to learn all the positions of the main group (s and p block) elements - if you don't know those already, you're doing the wrong subject!!

the d block takes a bit of learning, but the top row is the most important....

For the f block, you need a good acrostic/mnemonic thingy - I used to know one, but now I've forgotten that as well! :lol:

Of course; that's probably another reason why memorization is no longer a major component of learning; we've discovered that if you are intimately involved with a subject, the memorization will occur anyway and if it is only of peripheral interest, you're best off learning where to consult for the information.

I myself browse ABEBOOKS.COM for reference books so I can have lots of useless information around me at all times! :)


I've memorized all the element names and symbols in order, as well as, of course, their positions on the periodic table.

I'm not sure if this really helps, because more pertinent are the atomic masses, electronic configuration, etc.

Atomic masses are more or less irrelevant to chemical behaviour.
And you can deduce the electronic properties from knowing their place in the period table!

it took a while to memorize it (s,p,d), I had to write it down over and over. But now it is really helpful to know all the positions.

If someone talks about an element you already know many properties about it without having to look it up somewhere. E.g. you can estimate it's electronegativity, and you know how many bonds it is likely to form.

it's nice also for naming things: wondering what Arsenate is? -> when you know that As is in the same group with P, then you know that Arsenate must have the corresponding formula to Phosphate (PO[sub]4[/sub][sup]3-[/sup]), therefore it is AsO[sub]4[/sub][sup]3-[/sup]
or: Pertechnetate must be like Permanganate: TcO[sub]4[/sub][sup]-[/sup], MnO[sub]4[/sub][sup]-[/sup]

i can do it very easily.
that's easy for chinese
cos every element is described by only one character


I gave it three hours (1 on one day th think of a memorable way to remember, and 2 the next day, on and off, writing it out), and I can now do the *whole* periodic table (up to Mt)

General Inorganic Part IB, here I come!!

Memorize the Periodic Table?

Good job, now try memorizing the Chart of the Nuclides.... about 2700 or so nuclides.

I never had to memorize it.

That's what this site is for. Besides, they gave us one for the tests. But, you get to memorize whole chunks of it just by reading it over and over in class and for tests. Even when I was deployed with no periodic table at all, I could still tell people that carbon's atomic mass was 12.011. It's like PV == nRT, burnt into your brain.

The physicists have got the right idea:
Why memorise anything when it is already written down :lol:

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