Who can memorize the whole periodic table?

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! well that's scarcely anything to be proud of.

When I was at university, we HAD to memorize it,
cos we sure as hell weren't given any printed one
in our exams, and the first thing I'd always do
in the exam hall was write myself out one.

(I mean, OK, so I never really did bother learning all
the lanthanides and actinides..... :lol: )

Uh, this is my first post

Uh, this is my first post here. I turned 15 recently, and I like to memorize things. I know Pi to the 650th digit. I know the nearly the entire history of Rome. My latest accomplishment is the Periodic table. I don't know what some of the things mean but I'll be ready for when I learn.

yes its very easy i have

yes its very easy
i have memorize entire periodic table with all 109 elements
actinium series and lanthanum series also very easy to remember as per my method
ar hitesh parmar
+91 94272 21336

it is kind of hard isn't?

it is kind of hard isn't?

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It's not a kind of hard. My

It's not a kind of hard. My mother tongue is a kind of monosyllabic language. We use a single character to denote a certain kind of element. This makes the task much easier.


i can't read Chinese but i

i can't read Chinese but i learning it.

Yup, all you need to know is all the s, p & d blocks (which I can do), and rememer the position of the handful of f block elements that have questions asked on them (somethng I have yet to do).

And sure enough, the first thing written doen in my exams/collections: The periodic table.

I believe Oxford is the [i]only[/i] university that does not provide finalists with a preiodic table, although given lecturers never mention Cambridge, I suppose it may be possible that Cambridge does not either.

A good thing, I'm sure.
I really is quite satisfying when you manage to write it all out correctly for the first time.

I think the actinides are fairly easy and then analogy makes it possible to correctly fill in the lanthanides; at least that is how I did it; of course anyone with an undamaged brain can memorize the periodic chart or all of the verses to the Star Spangled Banner, the Kings and Queens of England, the Holy Roman emperors, the winners of the Miss Utah Beauty Pageants ... You just need a justification for doing so. The knowledge that periodic charts are now obtainable through the internet makes the prospect of memorizing it seem daunting, but at one time all of Homer or the Rig Veda was committed to memory, of course these people didn't have every episode of I Love Lucy, the Dick van Dyke Show or Monty Python's Flying Circus competing for brain space; the amount of information (drivers licence numbers, phone numbers, passwords for bank accounts rules for spelling or misspelling words ...) that modern people have committed to memory is equally great, though not as great artistically or intellectually as the material of past cultures.

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