Europium chloride formation without chlorine gas (I'm lazy)

I have somewhat of a stupid question which I imagine I could answer with about 5 minutes of research, but I'd like to ask the group for their opinion, nonetheless. I'm working on the formation of a Europium based vitamin/coordination-compound. Europium (for those who aren't familiar), reacts very quickly with air AND water, and therefore my previous projects with powdered metallic Europium have been done in a dry box of Argon. But for my current biochemical project, I would like to start with EuCl3 (just a preference, I can get it to work other ways as well by stabbing in the dark a few times).

I'm lazy, and don't want to go through the trouble of buying chlorine gas. I've spent enough money on my Argon/Nitrogen/Oxygen, and their respective tanks. So my initial thought was "Oh, I'll just submerse the sample into a chlorinated solution...BUT WAIT! It will react with the water, ruining the sample". My question is: how would you suggest I expose the Europium to chlorine for the formation of EuCl3 WITHOUT the use of aqueous solution or me having to buy pure chlorine gas? Thank you for your input.

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PS: I'm also looking for a supplier of dimethylglyoxime and, of course, pyridine. If anyone wants to get rid of like 100mL / 30grams (small quantities, basically), I'll take it off your hands. Or if you can recommend a supplier, even through Ebay or whatnot, that'd help me out a bunch. Thanks again.


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I'm using all of my dimethylglyoxime (which i get in kilo quantities to precipitate palladium

Seriously, Alfa Aesar ( probably has the best bulk rates for dimethylglyoxime. Try them.

Yeah, I had an account with Alfa not too long ago; but I'm at a residential address, and they recently informed me that they could no longer ship items to such an address. (It was a large order of Bromine that I think led them to that decision). I'll write them about it. I agree that they have good prices on certain items. I would use them for elemental metals mostly, and I was happy with the quality and value.

I think it's BS that all the companies won't allow materials to be shipped to residential addresses. How the hell are independent researchers supposed to do ANYTHING!? I work a number of jobs, and spend a good portion of my income on project supplies...but it's such a b**** to get a hold of the stuff I need. That's why I resort to Ebay; it at least lets me find stores/people that don't care or are out of the country.

I think that by requiring all research to be warranted by a University or Corporation, we are severley hindering all sorts of progress. Universities turn down all proposals that aren't in the specific interest of the faculty, or that won't ensure a Nobel Prize. I've had my Europium projects turned away repeatedly, and it's all very intriguing stuff that has yet to have a single thing published on it. And Corporate sponsored research is clearly limited to the scope of the company. Chemical suppliers just need to have individuals sign a disclaimer saying "I'm not from Afghanastan, I'm not a psycho, and I'm not Michael Jackson, so give me my chemicals".

I apologize for getting on my soap-box. I appreciate your suggestion, nonetheless.

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