I need help with the element NEON and my problem is that I have no idea what NEON can bond with . Id also like to know what are its uses in the commercial industry besides the odvious reasons we already know about. Thanks kawaiku


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well I don't know what uses are "obvious" to you!

It's prettiest use is in neon lights, which is also a lovely song by Kraftwerk )

It doesn't bond with ANYTHING, anything at all!

Do you have any idea if it can bond with the elements in its group ? And can you please elaborate on why it cant bond with anything because Im stuck. Thanks kawaiku

It cannot bond with ANYTHING!


Can I make it any plainer?

It doesn't do this because it is energetically unfavourable.....

What does energetically unfavourable mean ?? Does that mean it cant cant bond with anything after it is extracted and is by itself ?? O yea and is it apart of any formulas, and if so what do those formulas do.... or it isnt apart of any formulas because it cant bond with anything ??

He means exactly what he says. Neon bonds with no other elements including itself. It is part of no formulas or compounds. It doesn't want to give or take ANY electrons at all, and doesn't like sharing them with any other element.

In simple terms, energically unfavorable means no matter how much energy you put into Neon, Ne will always be Ne, and nothing else. (put enough energy into graphite, and you will eventually make diamonds)

Yeah -
chemical reactions and the forming of compounds is basically a process of rearranging and swapping electrons around between the atoms.

This happens because, in these cases, the new arrangement of electrons possesses a lower overall energy that the energy they had in the reagents.

In the case of neon,
there's just no different arrangement of electrons that could occur between neon and anythingthing else which would be lower in energy..... so neon never gets to form compounds.
It must be so lonely ( (

Thanks alot guys that cleared up ALOT for me.
Thanks kawaiku

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