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I found lots of abundance of materials charts, but .. I haven't found any table (with numbers, no graphics) !!! :( Where can I Find a table which contain the Abundances of Each Material in the Body and in the Earth's Surface?


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So, where can I find an Abundance Table for all materials? I know there are lots of charts in WebElements, but I would like to have a table ready without having to go through all material pages.

I gived up searching for a table, so I quickly filled an excel worksheet with each element's abundance in humans.
Now I have another question, what's exactly a ppb?
I thought I could convert it to percent dividing it by 1*10^12. i.e. Magnesium, with 270000 ppb in Human Body, would result in 0.000027%.
But Encarta says it's 0.01%
Another example...
Ca, with 14000000 ppb in Human Body, it's 0.0014%, and Encarta says it's 0.31%...
Who says the truth? What I am doing wrong?
I really need some help....

abundances in human body

ppb means parts per billion, but you have to know whether billion mans 10 to the 9th or 10 to the 12th (there are 2 different systems in use. More to the point, the chemical composition of a "standard human" of 70 kg body mass yields the following abundances according to the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 84th edition. Sec. 7-17. You should be able to find a copy in your local library reference section.

O = 43 kg (61%); C = 16 kg (23%); H 7 kg (10%); N= 1.8 kg (2.6%); Ca 1 kg (1.4%); P 780 g (1.1%); S 140 g (.2%); K 140 g (.2%); Na 100 g (.14%); Cl 95 g (.12%); Mg 19 g (.027%); Si 18 g (.026%); Fe 4.2 g (.006%); F 2.6 g (.0037%); Zn 2.3 g (.0033%); Rb .32 g (.00046%); Sr .32 g (.00046%); Br .2 g (.00029%); Pb .12 g (.00017%); Cu .072 g (.0001%); Al .061 g (.00009%); Cd .05 g (.00007%); B <.048 g (.00007%); Ba .022 g (.00003%); Sn <.017 g (.00002%); Mn .012 g (.00002%); I .013 (.00002%); Ni.010 g (.00001%); Au <.010 g (<.00001%); Mo < .0093 g (<.00001%); Cr <.0018 g (.000003%); Cs .0016 g (.000002%); Co .0015 g (.000002%); U .00009 g (.0000001%); Be .000036 g; Ra 3.1x10 to the -11th g. Beyond that the traces are vanishingly small and exceed the limits of analysis.

Ok, thanks.
[quote]but you have to know whether billion mans 10 to the 9th or 10 to the 12th[/quote]
I was looking at WebElements ppb's...

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