How do I make Nitric acid?

How do I make Nitric acid? anyone knows?


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Re: How do I make Nitric acid?

[quote="private_wilhelm"]How do I make Nitric acid? anyone knows?[/quote]

Nitric acid is not an easy thing to make - better look for a supplier.

Dissolve nitrogen pentoxide in water. N[sub]2[/sub]O[sub]5[/sub] + H[sub]2[/sub]O = 2HNO[sub]3[/sub].

On an industrial scale, ammonia is catalytically burned to produce the nitrogen pentoxide; that's where the process gets complicated and expensive since the catalyst is usally platinum.

If you need a little nitric acid, you can take calcium nitrate and add sulfuric acid to it; the CaSO[sub]4[/sub] settles to the bottom and leaves HNO[sub]3[/sub]in the solution. Mixing AgNO[sub]3[/sub] with HCl also works, but I find going down to the local chemical supply house and buying a gallon of HNO[sub]3[/sub] much easier. :wink:

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