Ununtrium and Ununpentium Discovered


[quote] A team of Russian and American scientists are reporting today that they have created two new chemical elements, called superheavies because of their enormous atomic mass. The discoveries fill a gap at the furthest edge of the periodic table and hint strongly at a weird landscape of undiscovered elements beyond.

The team, made up of scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia, is disclosing its findings in a paper being published today in Physical Review C, a leading chemistry journal. The paper was reviewed by scientific peers outside the research group before publication.[/quote]

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Re: Ununtrium and Ununpentium Discovered

Thaks for that - further news at [url]www.webelements.com/news/[/url] and hopefully Webelements pages for these elements in a day or so.

I was so excited upon seeing this article in today's New York Times. Finding one element is amazing, but finding two at the same time is practically unheard of (according to the article the last time this happened was in 1952). Now we all just have to hope that these elements don't go the way of 118 and get retracted.

So the US Govt. has declassified its research findings.

So the US Govt. has declassified its research findings from:
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,
One Cyclotron Road
MS 50-4049
Berkeley, CA 94720 USA
510.486.5501 voice, 510.486.6003 fax

About bloody time!

It was classified? Hmmmm... And I worked there at the cyclotron for a year.

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