molarity equations!

:? I have no idea how to solve molarity problems. I know a mole is 22.4 L and all the other useful information, I just don't know what to plug in where, or what. Does anybody understand this? Thanks! :)


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THe three main things you need to know (I think) are:

•1 mole of an ideal gas occupies a volume of 22.4dm³ (22.4L)
•Number of moles of a solid = [u]mass of solid(g)[/u]
[color=dddddd]Number of moles of a solid = mass[/color]RMM
(RMM = Relative Molecular Mass. You may know it as M[sub]r[/sub], or even worse, A[sub]r[/sub])
•Number of moles of species in solution = volume of solution (in dm³ (L)) x Concentration of solution (mol dm[sup]-3[/sup] [mol L[sup]-1[/sup]])

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