Valence electrons QUESTION

I am little confused on how He can have 8 Valence electrons, or is He an exception in that group??

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helium is the exception

He is the exception to the rule. It doesnt have 8 valence electrons because it only has 2 electrons total so therefore it only has 2 valence electrons and is still a noble or inert gas.

they're not really "valence" electrons though,
they're "core" electrons -
He ain't even gonna give 'em up to form valence bonds -
it has a valency of big fat ZERO

but if you look at the lewis symbol for He it is He: and it only has two electrons which means that sublevel s is its outermost shell (valence shell) and the last and only two electrons it has are its valence electrons

the definition of valence electron is the electrons in the outermost main energy level and since it only has one the logical conclusion is that they are its valence electrons

well we can have silly arguments about terminology all day,
but helium doesn't care about what we call it -
it still won't form any compounds!


Thank you!

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