Configuration of Electron

In the thread “Electron Configuration” we spoke about electrons much, but have forgotten to discuss sharper problem – “Configuration of Electron ”. Now I participate in Russian forum "Membrana", where we consider some offers on the geometrical shape of electron. Most frequently, authors of various hypotheses express opinion, that the electron has the shape of a ring of some energy. Energy goes along a ring with speed of light. Transverse oscillations of energy create electromagnetic effect.
As you know, I support this idea. Besides, as I already spoke, I consider vacuum, as motionless time.
In electric field such ring is oriented by the axis along the direction of force lines of electric field.
In process of increase of speed of the ring there is a vector addition of two speeds – speed of the ring and speed of energy in the ring. But as speed of electromagnetic radiation in vacuum is a constant, hence, speed of energy in the ring will decrease (the ring, as though, rotates against movement of energy). This phenomenon is proved by transverse Doppler’s effect. In other words, the time in the ring will be slow down.
When the ring–electron will achieve speed of light in vacuum, it … will disappear. Energy will be converted into vacuum, i.e. into the motionless time.
At the same moment, to keep balance of energies and symmetry, from the parallel world of the motionless time the antiparticle of electron will be thrown into our world of the motionless space.

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But can it be measured. :wink:

surely everyone knows that electrons are little trident pitchforks.
(some pointing up, some pointing down....) lol

LOL, the trident pitchfork scares me beyond the very simple basic quantum well approximations. We all nicknamed it the devil equation :o

Hi, Feline! Nice joke!
However, our friends from American “Science Forums” have been side-slip.
There are two questions:
Would it be possible to create matter from energy?
Would it be possible to create anti-matter from energy?
Also there is idea:
Mass is property of substance.
The Sun radiates photons and at that loses own mass.
The Earth absorbs photons and at that increases own mass.
Photosynthesis is one of processes of absorption of photons.
Hence, the matter can be created from energy by means of photosynthesis.
But how? One more of variants.
The EM-field (Е and Н) of photon is solenoidal (tubular and two-componental). Vector lines are closed, i.e. the photon has tubular structure. Photon is stationary, therefore the hypothetical observer should see stationary torus ring from vector lines.
The observer should see an electron, as the spiral, which is winded on torus ring, i.e. an electron (and any lepton) is a geometry of vector lines as a spiral from a magnetic field. Accordingly, the positron is winded on torus ring in the opposite direction.
The photon is simply torus ring from a magnetic field.
Trajectory of a free photon – a geodetic straight line. A trajectory of photon in electron – a circle. A trajectory of photon in baryon – a spiral, which is winded on torus ring, etc.

In the previous post I have described a way – how the nature creates a matter from energy.
This hypothesis was offered by one of members of Russian forum "Membrana". But I think, the similar ideas "sit in heads" of many present and future scientists.
Now I want to describe a reverse way – how the nature creates EM-energy from a matter.

Beryllium beam
Recently I have made some calculations for reaction:
LiD + gamma –> Be + gamma –> EM-energy
As result, the interesting engineering idea has appeared. But, maybe, it is only fantasy.

Energy levels...

Give me energy...


Absolutely where you are. Take it.

The answer to the question “how the nature creates EM-energy from a matter?” is hidden in a phenomenon of annihilation (in particular, in a phenomenon of annihilation of berrylium).
At "explosion" of atoms (8Be4) not only EM-radiation arises, but also various particles. These particles can be accelerated by force of explosion and by pressure of EM-energy till speed of light. In this case (the same way as electron at speed of light) these particles will cause a birth of antiparticles. The appearing antiparticles will be annihilate with a matter of our space and will increase factor of transformation of a matter to energy.
Our new research concerns fullerens and nanotubes:
i.e. it concerns to development of technology for realization of micro-dosated annihilation of berrylium.
But, as I believe, this work is of interest for experimentalists in other areas of science and for theorists.

In our last work concerning alternating transformations “an energy <=> a matter” you can see one more cycle:
protium + gamma => electron and positron –> acceleration in the accelerator on counter beams => proton or antiproton

The further research of behaviour of electrons and positrons in accelerators has led us to concept of the electric wind. Movement of the charged particle in electric field is similar to movement of a sailing vessel in the sea. The sailing vessel cannot move faster than wind. Similarly, the charged particle cannot move faster than electric wind, i.e. faster, than speed of light.
Experimentally detectable energy of the moving electron (or positron) is equal to the sum of two kinetic and three resonant energies. But only very small share of this energy turns into kinetic energy of rectilinear movement under action of force of electric wind.

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