How is platinum obtained?

hi all!

im a new user here, so dont get angry :lol:

im a teenager, and i have a chemistry assignment to do on a transition metal of my choice, and i choice platinum, could someone please tell me how it is obtained?

it would be much appretiated! :wink:

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pleeease? anyone? :cry:

come on y'all,
your research skills need a bit of sharpening up -
it says all this kinda stuff on this very site!


basically, you dig the ore up out of the ground, boil it in acid, and there you have it.....

If yopu click on Pt on the periodic chart in the homepage of this site you will scroll down to ISOLATION, the technical term for how a pure sample of an element is made. As feline said, the ore, which is usually a native metallic alloy is dissolved in acid (you need to go to the sight to see which one) and then the addition of chemicals added ions that bind with the Pt ions to form a precipitate. Because Pt is noble (ie non-reactive), such compounds are unstable and break down into purer Pt. Heat hastens the process, and this is called ignition. The resulting metal can be melted at very high temperature (check the site for the actual value) and turned into an ingot, or it can be redissolved in the acid mixture to further purify it.

Gajda's Gold Refining describes the process in greater detail.

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Wow... what a complicated process...

By electroysis?...


By a VERY complicated process which I don't hope to do it myself!

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