brewer's yeast

what is the chemical fomula for the metabolic process of brewer's yeast? i know it 'eats' sugar and produces carbon dioxide and some kind of alcohol, but is there a chemical formula for this process maybe as ther is one for photosynthesis in plants?


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Well, it is a microorganism...


Yeast is just yeast.
Chlorolphyll (sp!?) is just very clever stuff that does photosynthesis.

We have used yeast in labs at university, and all we are required to know it what it does. As for photosynthesis, that is still an area of much research - so again, all you need to know is what it does, and don't get overly concerned about exactly how.

Of course, if either interests you, then don't let me put you off your quest for further knowledge :D

Fermentation Reaction: C[sub]6[/sub]H[sub]12[/sub]O[sub]6[/sub] → 2C[sub]2[/sub]H[sub]5[/sub]OH + 2CO[sub]2[/sub]
Photostnthesis Reaction: 6CO[sub]2[/sub] + 6H[sub]2[/sub]O → 6O[sub]2[/sub] + C[sub]6[/sub]H[sub]12[/sub]O[sub]6[/sub]

brewer's yeast

Thanks very much, that's actually all i wanted to know.

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