What do you think is the 'coolest' element?

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Undoubtly [b]Chloride[/b].

Second place to [b]Platinum[/b] and [b]Palladium[/b].

Chloride isn't an element, it's an ion, and iodine is much more attractive.

Sorry, English is not my native language.
Anyway, just a matter of opinion, I find iodine to be a strongly vulgar element.

Iodine sublimes giving a beautiful violet vapor, which is hardly vulgar (unlike the sickly green of chlorine). Aside from matters of opinion, if you had no iodine, you would end up with a goiter; now that's vulgar. :)

Oh my god, it sublimes! It gets gas [i]without[/i] getting first liquid! Lets build a temple in his honour.

By the way, I guess by your words that you will work fine without any chlorine :roll:

[quote="Deryck"][quote="WEFuser"]sodium...just add water...and BOOM! ive never seen it happen but my friend told me a story about it and it seemed cool.[/quote]

Sodium and water doesn't boom... Caesium and water booms XDDDD[/quote]

Enough does. In school you're only shown tiny pieces in water for that reason, but use a big chunk and it booms.

Check my link earlier in this thread for Theodore Gray's "sodium party" where he heaved huge chunks into a lake.

It "boomed"!


[quote="Martin17"]Chloride isn't an element, it's an ion, and iodine is much more attractive.[/quote]

Chlorine most definately IS an element.

The vast majority of elements (including chlorine) make ions.


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