What do you think is the 'coolest' element?

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[quote]anything useful to me[/quote]
the alchemist and boater answers: water
but the math and physics dropout in me would say: hydrogen

Too many to choose from

I love the periodic table of elements. As a radiochemist I work with elements that many people have never heard of or often overlook.

Iridum is beautiful.
Technetium is neat because it does not occur naturally.
Seaborgium has a rich history behind it's name.
Roentgenium is fun because it is the most recently named.
But, liquid Helium is definitely the coolest.

Osmium is neat because it has

Osmium is neat because it has that distinctive blue color and is so freaking dense. Plus, it's chemical behavior seems to change depending on its physical state.

Orijen Dog Food

I think Krypton is the

I think Krypton is the coolest element as well as Gallium.

"Coolest element"

Carbon :!:

You really mean cool? Not useful?

Krypton and Gallium are the coolest then.

Correct! Krypton and Gallium

Correct! Krypton and Gallium

europium all the way baby...\m/ -_-\m/

[quote="feline1"]liquid helium :wink:[/quote]
I think Liquid Nitrogen is the coolest.
It's very cold in the ;) sense, and it great fun in the 'Woah man, cool!' sense

I think feline's answer was part pun, as helium has the lowest melting and boiling points known; of course, liquid helium is a superfluid which helps.

personally, I have a soft spot in my heart for cesium which is rather beautiful both as a pure metal and in flames.

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