Background info need : What makes zinc react more quickly...

...with acid!

I have to do a project on this for my last year at school. I'm having trouble finding background information to make it a detailed report any ideas? :idea:


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The zinc "love" to give electrons more than others

get it?

Very helpful

but that isn't exactly gonna fill my report up! Any websites/books you know of would be useful! I need to know lots about the reactions involved!


You could connect a wire between the zinc plate and a copper plate. That would allow the hydrogen to form on the copper leaving the zinc with the maximum area to react with the acid without disturbance from the hydrogen bubbles forming on its surface. Overall reaction:
2C H3 C O O H(acetic acid)+2Zn=2C H3 C O O Zn+H2
Find additional information on the website and look up "batteries" then look for zinc/carbon battery it should give you information on the entire reaction.


Maybe i'm just thick but i didn't think what i was doing had anything to do with batteries...

I have to react the zinc with the acid and time how long it takes to collect a certain volume of gas. Then i have to add stuff to the acid and see how the time changes.

Will check out the website anyway though!

Carbon/Zinc batteries

There are carbon/zinc batteries that use sulfuric acid. so you are making (in a sence) a battery. Except you use zinc, copper, and acetic acid.

Use a chemical catylst or something like that!...

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