Gas stoichiometry

When calcium carbonate is heated strongly, carbon dioxide gas is evolved: CaCO3 -----> CaO + CO2
If 4.74g of calcium carbonate is heated, what volume of CO2 would be produced when collected at 26C and 0.997atm?

I need help working this problem. How would I go about it?


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Figure out how many moles of CO2 is produced and then just use the equation in your sig(PV=nRT) to solve for the volume. If you need more help let me know.

I figured it out. I was just having trouble with the ratios but a friend helped me out. I found out it's a 1:1 ratio so the mols were the same in number for both figures so I just plug it into PV=nRT and presto! Thanks guys. I'll be having more on this so stay posted.

PV=nRT only works for the CO2 and not CaO and CaCO3, but you probably already know this.

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