C- 60 buckyball (Buckminsterfullerene)

I am trying to find the structural formula. I have not been able to find it. What I need to find out if it only has single bonds or some double bonds and the angle between the bonds. I am also trying to find what shape the molecules are arranged in like if it is pyramidal, tetrahedral, planar, etc. If anyone could answer any or all of these questions it would be a big help. Thank you.


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The Carbon molecule named buckminsterfullerene contains 60 carbon atoms.
The atoms are aranged in pentagons and hexagons. It seems to have all of its bonds bonded to others.

it's in a shape of football. Each carbon atom uses 3 of its outer electrons forming 3 single bonds to other carbon atoms. The fourth electron is delocalised inside the ball.

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