Rainbow flames

I'm interested in producing some coloured flames. Specifically, everything rangung from red to blue with the best colour saturation.

The video here: http://www.webelements.com/webelements/elements/text/Ba/key.html

shows some good flame colours, nice and saturated. Apparently, they are based on Kcl03, sucrose, and a colour salt.

In my experience, some sort of chlorine donor is needed to make saturated, vivid flame colours. Chlorinated rubber, of PVC works well.

However, I usually avoid Kcl03 due to its incompatibility issues.

Any suggestions as to the formula (chemicals by weight) for these Kcl03 based coloured flames would be met with great appreciation.

Perhaps someone knows the exact composition of the flame powders in the featured video....

I've previously had the best coloured flames come from using Ammonium Perchlorate, and would be fascinated to know how a flame of comparible vividness can be made using Kcl03.

Thanks all.


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No chemists here that could lend some advice?

No thoughts atall?

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