Ways to make a 13 year old male enjoy sience.....

ok. so science. well i need many o' ways that will help me enjoy science, like doing awsome stuff that will create a mess. lol. well jk. no not jk i think. i just wanna find a way to make me science fun. i do good in science at school, infact i do great, but i dont enjoy it. :cry: lol. so i need help on the double! ok so thats where u geniuses come in. help me! lol. ok i need a cool expirement with house hold items, and that will intrege me. ok thanks! :P


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How much money do you make per hour?...

What exactly are the laws if you were to make those explosives from homemade materials. I just want to do it for personal observation and have no interest in breaking laws. Would it be illegal to make napalm etc.? :?:

Because in theory, the US is a compact between several sovereign governments, some things are controlled by the feds but others are local ordinances and so differ in each local area; in some states paregoric (tincture of opium) is legal for teething children; in others it's banned; so for things like this you would have to consult local regulations. In general, the rules seem to be getting more restrictive. Some things can be found in the Anarchists' Cookbook, but there was also a publication called the Chemical Formulary which gave basic commercial recipes for all sorts of things and it included a couple of pyrotechnic recipes. It was the ninth volume of the CF that I found the really easy way to make nitrogen triiodide; it is dangerous because like many N compounds, the N bonds pack a lot of energy and are unstable; its ok wet and in small quantities it just explodes under the slightest pressure when dry so you smear it on sidewalks and after it dries you get explosions as people walk on it; in large quantities, it just blows up and could damage eyes and hands; most explosives utilize unstable N bonds nitroglyerine, nitrocellulose, TNT ... . Nitrocellulose as used as a substitute for ivory billiard balls, except sometimes when two balls hit each other they exploded. ah well...
Anyway, as someone who barely survived the risks of my childhood, I really advise knowing what you are doing and having the proper equipment (masks, ventilators and such); True it was fun napalming the banana tree; and taking old mainframe computers and dissolving them in aquaregia was an unforgettable experience as the Au was precipiated as a marvelous golden sludge, but I do have one less finger than most people my age, a scar across my hand that limits the ability to open it and reduced lung capacity.

Re: Bro...

[quote="xplosive33"] Bow down before him and lay ur life in his hands, and trust him, and preach, and u shall recieve the most awsome gift ever.[/quote]Gag!!
Any respect I might have had for you, an unintelligent little kid who can't spell to save your life, is now gone. Science isn't for you dude, join the army, or better yet become a priest..

Christians can be scientists!!

[quote="allan_chemist"]Christians can be scientists!![/quote]

Yes they can, but idiots can't.

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