Where can I find..........

Does anyone know where I can find some high - quality Potassium Nitrate & Sulfur please? I need them to be pure & in a powder form, at about 400 mesh.
Karl 8)


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Making black powder on your own isn't recommended; you need to avoid sparking as you combine the ingredients.

Yep, I always mix mine on paper & and ball mill it on the slow setting with lead balls for about 3-4 hours.

to get

Potassium Nitrate
you can ask from any gardening center
and you can also buy from gardening center Sulfur but in low quality (70%)
if you want high quality buy from chemistry shop

the Sulfur is not so much metter
if you had good coal that was inside ball mill for 2 days you will had some good black powder

where to find...

I remember making black powder in the 6th grade as my science fair project. I got my goods at the local Hook's drug store. They've since been bought out by CVS. I don't know why they were available there, but they were. Not behind the counter either, though they were both back by the pharmacy dept. Came in a screw top jar, maybe half the size of a peanut butter jar, for a few bucks each I think. Both were nice and fine grained powders, if I recall. But then again, that was the 1986-87 school year. :roll: I don't know if you could still get the stuff there now or not... What with terrorism and all, you know. If nothing else, I'd ask the people at your local gun store. They might have some ideas, or might even sell ingredients themselves.

try ebay

Just buy it...


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