in my lab we have to balance the equation and then indicate which atoms are oxidized and which are reduced in each equation. i think i got one figured out
Zn(s) + CuSO4(aq)> ZnSO4 +Cu(s)
the atoms reduced are 2Hg2+ + 4e- > 2Hg ??? is that right?
and oxidized are: 2O2- > O2 + 4e- ????
or is this half? i dont get it....
my equations are...
1. Mg + O2 > MgO (oxidation of magnesium)
2. H2O2 > H2O + O2 (oxidation-reduction of hydrogen peroxide)
3. Zn(s) + CuSO4(aq)> ZnSO4 +Cu(s) (oxidation-reduction of copper anf zinc)
4. Cl2 + KI > KCL + I2 and CL2 + KBr > KCL + Br2 (oxidation-reduction of the halogens)
i can balance them but beyond that i cant figure out. please help thanks


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Take a look at where your electrons are going.
Remember, Oxidation Is Loss; Reduction Is Gain - OIL RIG

1) Mg? + O[size=8]2[/size][color=#DEE3EF]SPACER[/color]

Just remember 'redox'...

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