How do you make a dot diagram

I don't know how to make them we learned in class but i wasn't there and i have to make a dot diagram and its a big part of my grade can someone help me plz[/b]


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Ok well you start out with your Element lets take Clorine (Cl on the periodic table).
Cl's atomic number is 17.
Now if we break it down into shells
2 - 8 - 7
You take the valence shell and simply start at the top of Cl. When drawing a Lewis Dot diagram if there are 2 or more in the valence shell you start by putting 2 at the top of your element and then coutinualy count around so. step by step.

1st write Cl (leave space around for dots)
2nd put 2 dots on top
3rd put 1 dot on the left
4th put 1 dot under Cl
5th put 1 on the left
Now if you count ull see that the 2 on top pluse the 3 others is 5 which means you still have 2 more to place to make the 7 dots. Todo so you have to simply double them so..
6th put a 2nd dot on the right of Cl
7th put a 2nd dot under Cl

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