Czech republic

Chtela bych jenom vedet, zda na tuhle stranku chodi i nejaci Cesi, zak se kdyztak ozvete ti, co tehle zprave rozumite (predpokladam, ze vetsina anglicky mluvicich clovicku asi ne... :D )
Jee, to je fajny smajlik!!! :shock: Ten se mi libi...No nic, ja se jdu ucit na pisemku, kdyby se prisel nas milovany prosefor chemie, tak aby vedel, ze aspon nekdo se na ty silene pisemky uci...Ne ze by sice vedel, jaka je moje prezdivka...ale co, stejne mi nikdo nerozumi... :roll: Uz mi z tech halogenu hrabe... :lol:


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hehe well im polish but dont read so have no clue what ur saying :D

Well, Polish, taht's great...! I was saying that I want to know how much people of Czech rep. can see this page (or how much understand me - like you... :D )

Not I. :)

Well [b]Dorianna[/b], I guess you've got your answer.

I was born in prauge..... but i forgot how to read or write or speak czech. I can still understand it though :lol:

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