Rest of Carbon

Thanks in advance for your understanding.
Recently I experinced a problem in our product, it leads to a very disturbing conversation with one of my colleagues, this is the case
After find some polution rest on a contact-breaker (the base material is Wolfram) an DES analysis showed rest of Carbon and Oxigen (C= 53,04% O= 15,35% and others such us
Na= 4.15%, Si4,01%)
My theory is that a plastics particle was there and due to this the high amount of oxigen and carbon and rest of Si, present in glass fiber. However my colleague thinks that the rest of carbon are due to the electrics arch (6 Amp max). In summary the current flowing thru one contact to others could generate carbon and oxigen from a Wolfran base.
Who is right ? we are both a little bit stupid ?


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