Please Help!!!How to convert Mg to g/mL???

Please help, Im trying to do figure this problem out but i have no idea how to convert Mg to g/mL... Checked the book, nothing, and coulnd't find anything online. All help is greatly appreciated. (the #s gien are 425mg and .25 g/ml. And I need to find out the "Volume") Please help...Thank you in advance.


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This one's pretty easy. It's a matter of unit conversions. First off, you need to know which units mean "volume". The SI Unit for volume is the Liter, so any interation of the liter (mL, dL, cL, nL, etc. etc.) will be volume. They gave you the density as 0.25 g/mL, so the mass you were given should be converted into grams. Once you convert the 425 mg into grams, you would then divide that mass by the density. This way the grams will cancel out and it will leave the units of mL in the numerator. Then the answer you get will be in the form of mL which is a volume which is your ultimate response.

one pedantic comment

"Mg" = magnesium
"mg" = milligrams

be careful what you type, it means different things! -)

Thank you for the help. It is greatly appreciated. And i also appologize for the "Mg"/"mg" mistake. oops

using the SI system of units, "Mg" could also mean "megagrams" - but these are usually called "metric tonnes"

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