Francium & Water?


Could anyone tell me if there are any video files anywhere on the web which show the reaction between Francium and Water?

I know Francium is extremely rare, but has the reaction ever been recorded in a video file such as *.avi or *.wmv?

Thanks in advance.

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A Chinese approximation says that there are 100,000,000 atoms in a 1cm-line of atoms

Therefore 10000 atoms should long

that does not seem visible 8)

This is a gas, people, anyways. :roll:

Well, if it's gas, it was known that the molecular density for gas is 1%.

Then the size of the atom bunch
=1/10000cm^3 * 100

Very good eyes could've seen them.

Depends if you could see it. Hydrogen gas has no color.

And gaseous mercury is toxic. You may die before you see it.

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