potassium nitrate

what is the abbriviation, and the atomic number of potassium nitrate

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potassium nitrate can;t have an atomic number it is a molecule not an atom.

oops nevermind

The *abbreviation* ( more properly called "the chemical formula for..") potassium nitrate is KNO3. (The 3 should be a subscript)

k thats what i meant

Now that Feline has given you the formula KNO3, you can determine the molecular weight simply by adding the atomic weight of K and N and 3 x that of O which will tell you how many grams 6.02 x 10 to the 23rd molecules of KNO3 will weigh. You could also look it up in a handbook of chemistry which should be in the reference section of your library. Because these things are updated every year, you can even log onto abebooks.com and buy a used one and be a very happy camper. The basic information in these handbooks doesn't go out of fashion, so unless the handbook is more than five years old, it will still probably be useful.

However, Jeremy, remember that's [color=red][b]Molecular Weight[/b][/color] not Atomic Weight[/b]

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