Natural Elements

[/b][color=indigo][/color][size=24][/size] Where can I find a list of just the natural elements and is there any site that has virtual flash cards of some sort so that I can study the sybols and the names? Please help me if you can, I'd really appreciate it! :D


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so you don't consider Buddism etc as a religion? They teach the enlightened path, or basically to me, how to live a good/positive life, WITHOUT worshiping some supreme creator. I think you may have misunderstood me.

Secondly, if ebola broke out in any big city, there would be millions dead. Think of all the travelers that pass through hong kong, new york, paris, london, san francisco in a single day. Now think of the local commuters that drive to those cities over the course of a day thereby spreading the virus to nearby cities. Think outside the lines, and see how quickly it can spred with the speed of our local and international transportation system. I'm not saying everyone in HK would drop dead, I'm saying it would spread faster than you could imagine. Just look at SARS. It ended up in Canada, then the US all the way across the Pacific.

Yes, buddhism is not a religion but a branch of science and philosophy.

Well, it was decades ago when Ebola broke out in Hong Kong. At that time I was not born and even my mother has not born. Nor you, I think. Hong Kong had not been developed into a city of tourism yet. Only very few (say a hundred per month) traders come to Hong Kong. It can not even kill a single million.

Maoism, Buddhism, Daoism, etc they are all considered "religious groups" here in the US. Its a trivial matter, I just thought I'd fill you in.

I didn't even know there was an ebola outbreak in HK. I was just using it as an example for a crowded modern day city, where it would spread like wild fire. And since most of the 1,000,000,000 people in China are on the coastal areas, thats plenty of people to transmit/infect in a relatively small area.

For the grouping 'religious' for Buddhism etc. shows the difference between American and Chinese. I'm not ambushing your idea, but nations do have different thoughts each.

Ebola did outbreak in HK many years ago but not many people were affected and very little of them were killed. There came less than 100 deaths.

Natural Elements.....NOT politics

Hey, US need to lose your introspective obsession with the United States' pseudo-democracy, as exemplified by the Bush/Kerry contest, and instead endeavour to do some travel to some other nations or peruse some foreign political opinions on the 'Terror / Iraq / etc etc' issue...The USA may be strong, but its governing elite requires a more balanced outlook on foreign affairs. To do so may in future help to avoid another repetition of the precarious Vietnam / Iraqi 'quagmire' situation, a sad reflection of the vacuous policy depths to which the War on Terror has deteriorated.....along with the seriously deteriorated standard of living for millions of Iraqi civilian innocents - not to mention the 200,000+ Iraqis who have lost their lives since March 2003.

Yeah, like go see how the Auzzies have mistreated the Abos, for instance lol lol

Nice one!

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