Natural Elements

[/b][color=indigo][/color][size=24][/size] Where can I find a list of just the natural elements and is there any site that has virtual flash cards of some sort so that I can study the sybols and the names? Please help me if you can, I'd really appreciate it! :D


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Until George Bush's friends at Enron began overcharging California for energy (because Pete Wilson, the former Republican governor, signed a law that deregulated energy in California and required all energy companies participating in the program to sell off their power plants which the Texans bought up and then shut down to create a monopoly (the city of Pasadena said No Way and managed to have cheap energy during the whole Enron ripoff)), Gray Davis had a SURPLUS in the California treasury and had increased funding to California schools.

Aside from prison terms for a few Bush supporters, the other logical solution to California's fiscal woes was Davis's suggestion, higher taxes, exactly what the groper is doing now, except of course he's taxing the education of California's 20-something air heads rather than the obscenely wealthy Bush supporters.

There is little likelihood that Republican Paraguayan economic theory will ever produce anything more robust than the Paraguayan economy it is based on; remember, the post-Vietnam economic slump didn't end until the Clinton administration. The first round of supply-side mumbo-jumbo just gave us the first Reagan-Bush deficit.

A vote was called DURING Gray Davis's term as governor of California. The vote, to determine if the people of california wanted a new governor, because Davis did such a piss-poor job during his term. Not only was he voted out, he was voted out by a landslide....and for those of you whom do not know, California is at least 70% Liberal. His very own voting base, outsted him (which makes me think...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm he must have done something seriously wrong?).

Secondly, an energy shortage is because THERE ISN'T ENOUGH POWER BEING GENERATED IN THE FIRST PLACE. If he had a "surplus" of money, why the hell didn't he invest in power plants for an exploding population???? This could be done in several ways I.E. tax incentives etc. The internet boom created [b]plenty[/b] of taxable wealth in california, Obviously it has been mismanaged from the get-go.

I just don't understand your mentality as to "obscenely wealthy Bush supporters." Soros, Kennedy's, Heinz, Rockerfeller. Give me a break. Both sides have wealth.

If the taxation system were completely [b]fair[/b], everyone would pay $5,000 a year to enjoy the US's systems and protection. Ok, obviously not going to work as there are lazy people that don't take advantage of all the LUXURIES, like free high school, a free society, plenty of inexpensive property (those of you in Europe will probably understand that more). They decide they can live off of the government, while spending their lives doing NOTHING. I will not support this in any way. My brother and sister have chosen this path. I see what they do, and its nothing. Don't expect a handout from someone whom has devoted his hard work, devotion, and time to someone whom has done NOTHING.

The second option would be to make everyone pay a flat tax of 15% of all their income/capital gains etc. This would be the second MOST FAIR option. But no, in the US, we impose an exponietial trend. The more you make, the exponientially more you will pay. So when Bush said everyone gets a .15% break on their taxes, the liberals said "no fair, the rich get a tax break". Yes it means a larger portion of money will be saved by big money makers, but are they not americans too? did they not work their tails off to get where they are in this world? Did they not create jobs, and new sectors? Lets punish the rich cause they are sucessfull. Even if I win the MO Powerball at $177 million tonight, I will be damned if I become worthless. I will still finish my thesis...I will still find a job. I want to make an impact on this world in a positive way.

The wealthy are wealthy because of a reason. MOST did it by legal means. Not all BIG business is CROOKED AND ROTTEN. Most are wealthy because of HARD work and a good idea. Everyone can work hard, but not everyone is born into a free society. Read the Bio of Jack Taylor, founder of Enterprize Rent-a-Car. He is worth $3,000,000,000. He started with next to nothing, served on the USS Enterprise. There couldn't be a nicer more caring guy. And just think about it, I bet for every 10$ he's worth, he's created a job for someone(directly, and indirectly). Think of all the jobs the Heinz family has created, all starting from catsup (catch-up, the tomatoe based sauce). Big business is not the enemy. Crooked people all over the world are the enemy(N. Korea, Iran, Sudan, Tyco, Global Crossing, Enron, Adelphia, etc).

Look, I'm a darwinist in the sense of "survival of the fittest". In america, everyone is created equal. Everyone has the same opprotunities. No I didn't go to a private school, nor did I go to a private college, and I did just fine. You can blab all the more you want about economic theory, but its like this. If you want something, work for it, and don't whine about it. There is a reason 50% of african americans, 40% of latin americans, and 20%? white americans won't graduate from high school. Guess what, I don't want to pay for their poor life choices when they come asking for welfare. I've already invested plenty of money into their failed education. As for what its worth, they aren't the fittest. Frankly they are just passing on poor genes and poor work ethic to their kids. 200 years ago, no we'll say 80 years ago, they would have starved during the depression. If you can't take care of yourself and your not mentally and physically handicap, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU. The weak of the pack are not being weeded out. Yes I'm heartless, but frankly you get AIDS from sleeping around, thats your poor life choice.

I'm not wishing death upon anyone, I'm just telling it how it is. Most people lack motivation in the US. I think death would motive 99% of the unmotivated. You have to think "I can", instead of "I've been cheated".

Look, your preaching to the choir as far as taxes go. I think its stupid my monthly stipend is taxed by the government, then by the state, then by Social Security etc. Then I go to spend my hard earned money, and its taxed again by the means of sales tax. If instead I decide to invest my taxed income in say a car or a house, thats assessed a yearly tax called "personal property tax" ON TOP OF THE SALES TAX (7%). A house's tax around here runs $800 to $3000 a YEAR. Finally if I decide to give some of my wealth to my children in the future, IT WILL BE TAXED again by the inhereitance tax. Ridiculous.

deleted my double post

The reason that power plants were not built was because the "deregulation" law did not allow power distributors in California to build or own power plants and the power plant owners lived in Texas and made more money if those plants didn't operate because they then could sell energy to California at artifically inflated prices, and Gray Davis couldn't break the law. What the groper championed was a bond issue, that is, he put the deficit on the credit, and the same thing will happen to California that would happen to you if you tried to pay off huge bills with your credit card without serious retrenchment. No, I don't like the idea of paying double my auto registration fees, but the fees were reduced during the Clinton boom, and now that we're in a Bush recession restoring the full fees made more sense that borrowing more money to pay existing debts. Sometimes grownups have to forego gratification for the right thing.

If you think California is seventy percent liberal, you probably also think Baby Bush is a conservative; California is incredibly conservative, why else would they create such lunacies as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Prop 13, and mandatory prison expenditures--yes that's right, the legislature can cut back on school lunches and teacher salaries, but payments to prison guards are mandated by law and cannot be changed!

For every complex problem, there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. Baby Bush is this year's version.

As a true Darwinian it must offend you deeply that a C-minus student with a serious substance abuse problem could make it into Yale and grad school (where's the survival of the fittest there?), could flake out of National Guard training without paying the consequences of such irresponsible behavior, that Secret Service employees are looking after Jenna and Barbara rather than letting them self-destruct, or that the administration is so deeply committed to "fundamentalist Christian values," which is intellectual chaff of the highest order, but none of this pertains to chemistry, so let's give it a rest.


Well, I wished the thread to cut off but I want to resume it now! The problem of power plants had brought us back to the Chemistry issues!!! :roll:

I think it is a good thing to sometimes discuss a little politics on this site -

because chemists usually have a very scientific education,
are unaware of wider political issues,
and then work for highly dubious multinational agri-petro-chemical-military conglomerates,
most of which are hell-bent on exploitation, armageddon and environmental catastrophe generally. (You know, little things like that lol )

If more scientists had their eyes opened to the things that their work facilitates, the planet would be a much nicer place to live for many billions of its inhabitants.

10 billion will be the maximum hold of planet earth and we have 6.5 billion already. We must have science and politics bundled together talking in order to find a safe solution for this crisis which will come in a few hundred years.

Who guessed 10 billion then?

And how much did they get paid to guess that?

Did they do it at a conference in the Bahamas...? lol

shouldn't Bush be Soros's role model? Drugs, education and still became president? BTW- thats what I figured with the power plants. Sucks to live out there eh?

I think we can both agree, I don't care for my leaders being lead by christian or any religious beliefs. Religion just causes problems and wars. I went to Catholic grad school K-8th grade. I know what they force feed people. The only decent religions exist in asia, where its more of a philosophy on how to live your life as a good person and respecting elders, and not worship some supreme creator (I think the creator is entropy, but what do I know), whom gives you guidance. Sorry chief, I'm guided by common sense and knowledge. Moral issues don't belong in government, as everyone has their own feelings on the issue.

Don't worry about the whole energy problem, as soon you'll have a generation unit similar in size and shape to a furnace. It will house a 3.5 kW solid oxide fuel cell generator which will give off 1.5 kW of hot water as a byproduct at 60% efficency from natural gas.

First of all I think the earth is capable of more than 10 billion people. Second of all, nature always finds a way to "clense itself" from overpopultion. Black Plague in europe long ago, and now AIDS in africa and India (though india won't admit it). Just imagine an Ebola outbreak in Hong Kong. Millions gone in a blink of the eye.

By the way, in the US, there are maybe 4 scientist in congress (out of 1000 of people). EVERYONE is a stupid lawyer. [b] Now wonder we can sue McDonald's for $30 million cause I dropped hot coffee on myself. Or a drug company for $100,000,000 cause my heart stopped as I was one of the .0001% that had a unforseen complications with a drug.[/b]

Scarf, Chinese thoughts that teaches people to become good leaders are not religion at all. They have nothing to do with gods. The Ebola outbreak in Hong Kong cannot kill millions -- Hong Kong at that time (I was not born yet) had less than a million people.

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