Natural Elements

[/b][color=indigo][/color][size=24][/size] Where can I find a list of just the natural elements and is there any site that has virtual flash cards of some sort so that I can study the sybols and the names? Please help me if you can, I'd really appreciate it! :D


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Won't Arnie Schwarzenegger be a bit cross if Dubbleyah destroys the US before he has his turn at being president...? lol

Surely will but Arnie has to surrender. Destroying is the option that gives no further options.

eh the administration is corrupt? well that is a matter of opinion.

Unfortunately, Arnold is not a US born citizen so he can never serve as president of the US. :( There are actually motions in the Senate right now to change that policy as it was made 200 years ago to block spies or wealthy people from overseas from buying/controlling the US.

Rudy Guilliani for president in 2008 :wink:

Considering that the entire country was founded by people emigrating into the continent and massacring the natives, that law about people who weren't born there not being able to be president sounds a bit ridiculous to me.

Actually the Constitution limits the Presidency to native-born citizens and citizens at the time of the adoption of the Constitution. Further amendments preclude anyone from being president for more than two terms (a typical Republican sour-grapes monkeying with the Constitution to spite the dead FDR-- in addition to opposing all social progress of the last century, the Republicans have consistently offered horrendously unAmerican changes to the Constitution starting with Prohibition); furthermore, the vice-president and president cannot be residents of the same state, a restriction necessitating Dick Cheney's midnight move from Texas (his real home) to Wyoming in the administration's first corrupt act to undermine American law and order.
The restriction to native-born citizens seems to be a good idea; look what happened to the poor Germans who ended up with another demogogic Austrian. You will note, btw, that Arnold 1) didn't get a balanced budget through on time as promised, 2) has reneged on his promise not to accept corporate campaign contributions, and 3) while reducing the vehicle fees on Hummers (he owns six of the worthless things) he has imposed fee increases on STUDENTS, and a student tax is perhaps the the one tax that affects the people least able to pay for it; only a fool would want such a duplicitous, lying weasel for president (again).
I would also note that the Anglo-Saxons invaded and took their country from the Welsh, who invaded --and like their cousins the Irish (and the Scots who invaded from Ireland to steal from the Picts)-- took the country from the original lost Wessex culture people who apparently expanded onto unhabited places when the Ice sheets retreated about 11,000 years ago. One of the Nazi's most enduring legacies is the historical argument; the claim that ancient history in any way validates nationalist (and racist) agenda.

And we are no longer talking chemistry, so maybe we should end this string now. :twisted:

I really don't think the Nazis originated the practise of self-aggrandizment and self-justification via distored histories....

In practically every culture that ever learned to write, we read of king-lists, divine ancestors, farcical hagiography and complete noncesense generally...

And the overseas are able to go to America to bear children and use them to control the US... the law seems useless...

well if people vote for them and they win then that's democracy anyway!

Martin, frankly its hard to balance a budget/state that large in under 1 year, that was so out of whack because of Gray Davis. Your telling me the state as a whole is worse off now? I seriously doubt it. If 90% of the government of the state is liberal, and he is neo-conservative, how the hell is he suppose to get [u]his[/u] stuff passed. I even said I would be surprised if he got much done because of all the tree huggers in congress. I bet your states handouts for a year equal the entire budget of Missouri. Ridiculous. Blah blah blah Hummers are big and eat gas therefore they are bad, Global warming, all the salmon are full of heavy metals blah blah blah. Look, that hummer gets way better gas mileage than all the pre-1980 cars driving around my small college town. Why you gotta whine about a luxury afforded by hard work and dedication? when I can spend 300$ and have a far worse polluting car. Hell, I bet a 1976 Lincoln weighs 10x more than a hummer. The point is, if you want to drive around in an 18 wheeler as your commuting car, all the more power to you. Obey the laws, pay your taxes, get over it.

You're really saying that the law is useless then.

And, Scarf,
Sorry for violating you. We're simply not Americans and we're viewing the stuff in an objective way.

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