Needs Help with Chem

Please check the following answer for me

Sodium metal and water react to form hydrogen and sodium hydroxide. If 5.98 g of sodium react with water to form 0.26 g of hydrogen and 10.40 g of sodium hydroxide, what mass of water was consumed in the reaction?

the answer i got is 10.66g



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I think you are wrong. By Lavoisier`s law, the mass of products (in this case NaOH and H2) is equivalent to the mass of the reactants (Na and H2O). So I think the correct answer is m(H2O)=4.68 g.

5.98 + 4.68 = 10.4 + 0.26

Thanks for the correction. i redid the probelm couple of times and that s wat i got to

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