Molybdenum- is this element used for any pharmacological use

For aprojetc I need to do for a biology class , I need to know if theis element has any pharmacology uses, if anyone knows of any please let me know . Thanks

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I know nothing about pharmacology (drugs and medicines), but I can
tell you that molybdenum is part of the chemistry of life...
(that whole group in the d-block seems quite biologically active -
chromium only seems to be used by some higher mammals - eg humans - molybdenum is widespread, whilst even tungsten is used in enzymes of many primitive single-celled organisms..... it's the only element in that period of the d-block with a biological role......
this is unusual, as these are the only 2nd and 3rd row d-block elements to take part in biochemistry....)

This webelements site would be a good place to start looking up some more details!

molybdenum itself has not been used, nut its radioactive bombarding product technetium is used for making gamma rays in surgeries

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