Molality, Molarity, Mass Percentage, Mole Fractions

Can anyone help me with this problem.

A sulfuric acid soln. containing 571.6g of H2SO4 per liter of soln has a density of 1.329g/cm3. Calculate the a) mass percentage; b) the mole fraction; c) the molality; d) the molarity of the H2SO4 in this soln.

What I'm having problems with is figuring out the total mass of the soln as well as finding the molarity and the molality.

I just need help getting started with this problem..everything else I think I can figure out.

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well it doesn't tell you the total mass of the solution -
and you don't need to know it to work out the answers.

What it does tell you is the mass of sulphuric acid per unit volume of the solution,
and the density of the solution (ie, the mass of the solution per unit volume of solution)

solution = solvent + solute

solute = sulphuric acid
solvent = water
solution = sulphuric acid in water

so, from the figures it gives,
for a given volume of the solution,
you can say what mass of solute you have
and what mass of (solute + solvent) you have ...

what are the solutions

what are the solutions anyway?
I have the exact same problem too.. =(

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