What color is this?

Hi everyone, im posting this hoping someone will help me figure out what color this is. Please help me figure out this formula. Im am going to use this information for a competition and to be honest with you all, I am not the greatest at chemistry. thank you all and heres the compond.



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well you can't "figure out" what colour some random and obscure compound like that is - you just gotta look it up in a reference book...

Chalcosiderite is green and is found in Cornwall, England and Arizona.

I think it's blue since the colour of the compound is determine by its +ion. Cu2+ is blue but Al3+ is colourless.

you're thinking about acqueous solution chemistry -

this is a solid state mineral.

solid state is alot different than aqueous chem. He's right, your going to have to look up information on it. I've made materials with Cu+2, and they are black, not blue or green or any other copper color. It all depends on the crystal field surrounding the ion.

I mislook it. Sorry for a lot.
Why is heating CuO + HCL blust the test tube???
When I clamp it and heat it with bunsen burner in lab., the test tube shakes (really scary) in few seconds and it's tip blust and the green solution runs out..........

HCl reacts with CuO to produce CuCl2 (does it?). so maybe the heat from the bunsen burner causes the H and O to expand until the container explodes

Test tubes are open at the top and therefore the contents are not under pressure; if it's a cheap flint glass test tube rather than pyrex, the heat evolved from an exothermic reaction can break the test tube.

Why don't you find out its flame colour?

cause its hard to burn a rock. Would probably form a glass as well vs vaporizing

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