redox reaction

What changes can be observed when acidified potassium permangante solution is added to sodium sulphite solution?

I know the oxidizing agent in the reaction permangante ion, but potassium ion and sodium ion are also oxidizing agent,so how we can consider permangante ion is the O.A. in this case but not the potassium ion and sodium ion ?

Also,in the sodium sulphite solution, there're both oxidizing agent and reducing agent,so how I can know that we should consider sodium sulphite solution as a OA or RA?


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did the potassium or the sodium gain or loose electrons?

who is stronger?

You see, it's not a case of a particular chemical species being "an oxidising agent", and that's all there is to say about it -

some of them are more desperate to gain electrons than others.

(Lions and poodles both eat meat........ but if you had a plate of meat, a starving lion, and a well-fed poodle, which one do you think would do the eating...? lol )

Scientists with nothing better to do have measured how strong various oxidizing & reducing agents are - you can look up tables of "reduction potentials" to see which one would win....

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