Chemistry Problem displacement....ASAP

I am doing balancing and displacement

How do I balance the following?
4Fe + 3O =
Ag2O =
Na + Cl =

How do I displace this?

HCl + LiOH =
H2SO4+ NaOH =
Ni + NiCl2=
HCl + Al=

And finally
How do you know if the result is aq, l, s, or g?



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Well, some non-metals come in molecular, not atomic shape.
So, there is

O2 instead of O
H2 instead of H

So: 4Fe +3 O2 --> 2 Fe2O3
2 Ag2O --> 4 Ag + O2
2 Na + Cl2 --> 2 NaCl
HCl + LiOH --> LiCl + H2O
H2SO4 +2 NaOH --> Na2SO4 + 2 H2O
6 HCl + 2 Al --> 2 AlCl3 + 3 H2

If you meant why, for example
2H2 + O2 --> 2 H2O but not
H2 + 2 O2 --> 3 H2O read WolfBrother answer on this page:

About s, l, g, aq- you have to know in which of these states is "result". If it is the the salt state ( like all salts, metals except Hg ..) it is s. All acids, lyes, alcoholes are in the liquid states. Most of inter-non metal compounds are in the gas state.
If the one of the products is water and the other is compound or an element which dissolves well in water, it is in the aq state. NaCl is salt which you use like a spice in the kitchen. You probably know it dissolves well in water. So:

HCl(l) + NaOH(l) --> NaCl[color=blue](aq)[/color] + H2O(l)

I hope this helps, although sounds confusing. :)

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