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I'm doing a Masters Degree in Printmaking at Camberwell College of Art. My research includes looking at consciousness, which is immaterial, in relation to the brain, which is material. I would like to break down the brain into the simplest of material forms, which are the elements it's made of. Can anyone give me a list of every single element that makes up the brain. Not molecules, like sugars, but the building blocks of those molecules, like C,O? and H. Much appreciated if you could, or if not, at least send me in the right direction. Ta

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Oh heavens! lol
You crazy arts graduates lol

I have to say, it terms of (bio)chemical functionality,
it *is* the *molecular* level you want to be going down to -
listing the elements in those molecules is rather too much
of an abstraction
(you might as well just say "well all those elements
are just made up of protons, neutrons and electrons")

But anyway,
since you ask!

Well, it will mostly be
hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon
(ie, water, carbohydrates, lipids....)
proteins also contain nitrogen,
and there will be phosporus and sulphur in some of these molecules too.

These 6 are the main "structural" elements in biochemistry.

Also extrememely important in cellular and plasma fluids
are ions of, or containing elements such as
potassium & sodium
calcium & magnesium
and chlorine (nerves pump these ions around)

beyond this, you move down into metals which are present
in special enzymes etc -
iron, zinc, copper, cobalt,
chromium, manganese, vanadium, ... (everything that you'll see on Sanatogen A-Z vitamins and minerals....)
I'm not sure what all enzymes are in the brain,
but many will be floating around in the blood ....
other trace ones include iodine and tin (? well, it's in my sanatogen!)

"consiousness" is mainly due to the ions being pumped around -
this is why you should eat plenty of bananas, whilst are rich in potassium -)


Consciousness... Higher oxygen and iron can upgrade consciousness od a person while excess lead and other heavy metals (eg U) can lower the consciousness of a person

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