atomic size is the same as atomic radius ?

hi jus wanna to know whethere the abv mention 2 things are of the same . hope to hear from anyone thanks

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Well more or less -

hopefully you know from basic geometry that "radius" is the distance from the middle of a circle or sphere, to the edge.

by the "size" of a circle or sphere, we'd perhaps think more of the "diameter"?
(which is *twice* the radius - ie, the distance from one side, through the middle, and out to the other side)

however the radius (or diameter) of an atom is a rather nebulus concept to pin down exactly - the electrons just peter out into infinity - how do you decide where the "edge" is?
Generally, we have a situation like a solid crystal lattice, where we can measure the distances between all the atoms (eg by X-ray diffraction ) and decide that the "edge" of each atom is somewhere in between the adjacent nuclei.

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